Steam Group [Updated 7th August 2017]

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Steam Group [Updated 7th August 2017]

Postby Doctor Azo » Thu Aug 06, 2015 6:34 am

I have set up a Steam group called Ace Gamers Network (acegamersnetwork) which can be found here. The group is private, so you'll have to wait until an "officer" invites you or you can request an invite yourself, however you must already be known or submit (e.g PM) your name/steamID/link to one who can accept it.

Steam now allows users to request invites to groups so you can instead wait for an officer to add you. However your account must already be known so please submit some proof here or AGNIM or such. If we can't find anything to verify (or it's taking too much digging around) we will reject the request. We'll also immediately reject requests from those with offensive names, avatars or seem like spammers without spending any time verifying.

Please use the dedicated Steam group suggestions thread for suggestions.

Note: Please only supply the Steam name if searching for it does bring up your profile and it's not lost amongst so many results. If we can't find it, we'll need the direct link. If in doubt, just give us the link.
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