Welcome to the new Census!

What genre of games do AGN members like? Is there a correlation between asexuality and online activity? What's our favourite kind of cake? Polls only please.
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Welcome to the new Census!

Postby Doctor Azo » Sat May 28, 2016 4:17 am

All polls for statistics and preferences are allowed, but make sure any threads made here has a poll or else it will be moved. Polls relating to suggestions/feedback for AGN and our services should stay in a SaC forum. If you wish for an existing poll to be moved here just ask.

This will be useful for gathering info and preferences which may help with improvements as well as give a greater insight to our community.

Tips for making a good poll:

  • Don't be biased, or encourage members to vote for something or to lie.
  • Cover all possibilities or at least give as many options as possible and include an "Other" option.
  • Don't use ambiguous or conflicting questions and options.
  • Explain what something is; don't be egocentric and assume everyone shares your knowledge and experiences.
  • Allow multiple choices unless there can only be one choice. Set the number of options a user can pick to the most they should pick to minimize spoiling the results.
  • Make it a more serious poll.
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