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AGN's TF2 server additional rules

Postby Doctor Azo » Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:28 am

  • Do not give the server's password to anyone besides AGN members. Do not post it anywhere.
  • Our rules still apply to spray paint/images, avatars and names.
  • Do not rename yourself to something too similar to other users, especially staff.
  • No cheating, including taking advantages of bugs/glitches.
  • Do not abuse the voting system, especially to unfairly kick users.
  • Do not spam the chat, including voice.
  • Do not idle for very long periods. If you need to be away for a considerable amount of time, declare your AFK status or go off if you might not return in time.
  • Do not keep switching to what you believe is the winning team, this can be considered cheating.
  • Allow plenty of team scrambles in 2 vs 1 situations. Otherwise try balancing it by 2 newer players vs. 1 veteran player.
  • Do not keep spawn-harvesting or spawn-camping. This is when one or more players hang around their opponent's spawn room doors/gates and ambush any players that try to come out, giving them little chance to progress. If your team is already up to their gates, back off. If you're at their gates, wait until they come out completely. Repetitive/intensive camping can lead to bans/kicks.
  • Do not help your opponent's team win, which can be considered helping others cheat.
  • Do not keep rage-quitting. Quitting because you keep dying or losing only makes it harder for your team and may lead to more leaving and some on the winning team members to be forced onto yours.
  • Do not broadcast/stream the game live with a insufficient delay (eg. less than 30 seconds or the SourceTV's current delay), especially when a spectator, as this can help others cheat.
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