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Postby Doctor Azo » Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:34 am

There seems to be some confusion around key things about AGNIM so I'll list here some early pre-release FAQs:

Q: What is AGNIM?
A: Ace Gamers Network Instant Messenger is an upcoming application and service, exclusive to AGN, that'll contain virtually limitless features from games and other ways to interact and stay in touch with friends here.

Q: Will AGNIM be part of the website/forums, an App or separate program/executable.
A: It's a Windows application/software/program that can run from just it's exe and other supplied files. It's a .NET application. I can't do so much for the site because I'm not fluent in web scripts and they work quite different (and limiting) than true programmes or compiled "binaries".

Q: Will it run on my phone or other device?
A: No, the main version will not run or run properly on phones except maybe Windows phones. Another version or release will be required for them. However it should run on just about any Windows laptop, tablet, etc.

Q: Will there be a browser-based version?
A: Probably not.

Q: What will it feature?
A: It should primary feature games (basic board game types and more), instant messaging, chat-rooms and more yet.

Q: What advantage will it have over Discord and Skype?
A: It'll be exclusive to AGN members, have our own games and ways of engaging with each other. It'll be more fun, much more flexible, easier to integrate and interact with AGN's other services and can be adjusted to suit our membership's desire. It'll help our members stay in touch without having to fire up a web browser all the time too. Also scoreboards and such will be rewarding....

Q: Where would I get it from?
A: There will be a link or menu that'll allow you to download either a zipped archive or installation/set-up wizard executable, after you're logged in.

Q: Would I be able to log straight in with my details I use for the site?
A: No, you'll first have to grab a pass-code/key from here and "register" or activate it using the application. You'll be able to use a different password too.

Q: Will avatars and such be shared automatically?
A: Not for the time being. Passwords will not be linked, and there will always be the option to use a different avatar. Some public data can be shared/linked though where there's a need.

Q: What kind of internet connection would it require?
A: If it handles AGN's website, it'll easily run AGNIM. However an unstable/unreliable connection may cause more problems, so it's recommended to use a wired connection or improve your wireless reception.

Q: How big will it be?
A: At the moment it's tiny. Several MB is all it needs, however in the future it'll rise and it could take 100+ MB of space, although by then updates will be compressed.

Q: Why is it taking so long?
A: Writing software, even with Visual BASIC .NET, is hard and time consuming. Projects like these often take much longer than first predicted and some technical issues can be found only after we reach it down the development road. The bigger the program gets, especially in terms of lines of code, the harder it is to debug, fix and update. AGNIM will be powered by a somewhat robust, reliable and secure system. It's also efficient, from data exchanged over the network to the server log files and many of the processes are multi-threaded, which is easier said than done. It's reliant on MySQL and a DB handler which is providing it's own problems, having to learn more about MySQL and the DB handler is designed to handle possible errors and such carefully not to lose or corrupt data too. Also there's only one developer working on it and nearly everything is being written from scratch.

Q: What kind of games will it include?
A: I've not quite decided on the first one yet, although it's likely to be checkers or tick-tack-toe which can be done quickly and easily compared to the rest. Other games will be similar, however where there's demand other kind of games might be included, as long as they remain simple enough. If more people can help work on them, more sophisticated games can be done. Priority will be given to multiplayer games but I like the idea of single-player ones too.
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