AGN to enter End Of Life by April 2019

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AGN to enter End Of Life by April 2019

Postby Doctor Azo » Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:32 am

With much regret AGN has become next-to-disused and no longer serving any gamers. We also haven't had any new members for several months now and no active ones in much longer. With activity barely trickling and becoming sparser, which some bugs and other issues mounting and updates and maintenances taking time and effort and a need for server migration again I've come to the decision to no longer support AGN and will eventually close it after EOL. This means no more additions will be made, registrations (for new members) will be closed, server maintenance will be done with little or no warnings and AGN will have no technical or support priority. At some point afterwards all services will be shut down, including the forums, and all user/personal data deleted. This will spare me the headache of migrating to another server too.

  • Back-ups will not be made after EOL.
  • In event of restoration needing to be made before EOL, AGN will not have priority and I may choose to not do so anyway.
  • All user data will be irrecoverably deleted, so personal details will be not be retained.
  • The remaining MC server may be left off after the first maintenance after we enter EOL.
  • AGN most likely will be shutdown between April 2019 and June 2020. The domain name probably will not be renewed next year. The SSL certificate may not be renewed either for May next year either - logins will be disabled by then.
  • It's recommended you make your own back-ups of your posts, PMs, etc ASAP.
  • I'm not obliged to give you copies of your MineCraft constructions.
  • Our Discord group, lead by Dykath, will continue to exist. It however sees little more activity than here.

It's sad to see this go to waste, but quite honestly it already has. We've already peaked long ago and now we're running on fumes by on average 2 people including me, with no signs of change other than perhaps even less posts and visitors. There has been some good times, some fun moments but it's time to cut AGN of my life so I can at least get some time back from maintenances. If you have any suggestions and requests feel free to say so. It's recommended you tell others though so they don't miss it - >98% of our users don't check regularly enough.

I'm sorry to see this go and for any inconveniences this may cause, but it's costing too much (time and effort as well as money) to run for something that's dead and restorations, updates and migrations are simply too time consuming and frustrating. So instead of moving this to a new server or host I'd rather just leave this here and let it run it's course.

If you still want to at least keep tabs on our little niche then I recommend you join our Discord group.
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Re: AGN to enter End Of Life by April 2019

Postby kelico » Sat Jul 28, 2018 3:11 am

Aww, that's sad to hear, Doc! But I understand. : ( I know it's been really quiet here, which is a shame. I will miss it. We've had good times! You're doing what's best for you so you can have some more time on your hands to use on something else. Thank you for creating this community, though. <3
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