Concerned about certain AVEN moderators or other community members? [Updated 29th July 2017]

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Concerned about certain AVEN moderators or other community members? [Updated 29th July 2017]

Postby Doctor Azo » Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:09 am

You'll be pleased to know that moderators, PT and DT members of AVEN's forums cannot see IP and e-mail addresses, and presumably authors of member reports which would be for administrators and webmasters. "Admods" there are still expected to follow a certain standard, and any untrustworthy or problematic moderators may never become administrators. Other personal data is not collected and any sensitive data or personal information is handled carefully. However it's not clear whether new admins can reveal past member details such as member reports although I can presume that at least archived reports have reporter names redacted. I've also been reassured that tech security has been improved somewhat since AVEN's upgrade and only three trusted individuals have root access to the server(s) and their privileges have sufficient protection.

None-the-less you should consider the following if you have an account elsewhere and are being stalked, harassed or the community may have become compromised:

  • Use a different password here and on other accounts. I recommend using a very different one and change it ASAP if it happens to be the same. This practice should always be done, so you should change all that matches any other account online.
  • Change your avatar or signature if it also has enough resemblance.
  • If you have recently come to blows with anyone there (not just staff) I recommend changing your IP address for example by rebooting your home router, although this may not be necessary. Your IP addresses may give away your country, ISP and perhaps town/city (which isn't reliable) but it's not permanently tied to anyone or even any machine.
  • Change your e-mail address if it's the same. It's generally recommended to use different ones for various sites too, or use one for every few services.
  • Don't troll, tease or provoke them or anyone. Not only bullying and trolling is an offence but you could also stir drama or attract unwanted attention here.
  • Don't report them (or anyone) unless they've clearly made an objectionable error or rule break, and in the report don't write anything provocative, personal or anything more than formally highlighting the contents or actions in concern.
  • Be aware of their friends and don't provoke or anger them either.
  • If you're particularly concerned we may be able to change your username here, with justification. Once already changed however it might not ever be changed again, so choose wisely.
  • Leave them, delete your account or request an indefinite account deactivation there but make your last post there non-provocative or peace-making. I recommend editing out recent posts too if you can, especially those with political comments or inciting material.
  • Don't post in public a direct link to here, that would encourage bullies and stalkers to follow you here.
  • Let me know ASAP if you may be in danger, or alert me to particular member details to look out for. It's recommend you tell me things like where they're from, stuff they're likely to include in the bio, etc. I can see where they've been linked from but it's no guarantee nor is it reliable. Remember however some members from other asexual communities are already blacklisted, which cannot be appealed.
  • You can ask an admin here to remove any personal or identifying info you've posted here if you're unable to do so yourself.
  • You should never open strange e-mails especially with attachments, and should not follow links or open other materials in PM's from strangers let alone from enemies and their friends. Remember some can place a hard-to-see image in the PM which is hosted on a web server with logs they have access to which may allow them to deductively reveal your IP address, browser and other relevant info.

Remember these kind of situations are rarely as bad as one thinks and you can probably get more sorted by contacting a trustworthy admin there. We still value our members right to privacy and we will continue to ensure AGN remains a fair and safe enough community for all of us, and so trolling and stalking behaviour is grounds for immediate investigation and action.
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