Hello from version 2!

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Hello from version 2!

Postby Doctor Azo » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:10 am

You should've noticed by now (if not, why not?) we've made the update and we now have the following:

  • A new (and mobile responsive) theme/style!
  • New forum features including a Notifications system!
  • Improvements in the Likes extension, some altered medal graphics and a calendar module on the portal index!
  • And more, with more to come!

Seen anything else new? Any problems? Suggestions? Let me know here or via PM, the tech support or suggestions forum.

Please be patient as things get ironed out though, it's been difficult enough getting to this point....

Other stuff for you to do:

Also there's now a BBCode to centre post contents. :[:D]
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