Annual newsletter #1

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Annual newsletter #1

Postby Doctor Azo » Fri Jun 16, 2017 1:40 am

Hello and welcome to our first annual newsletter for AGN, the replacement for our biannual newsletter. This'll lead to each edition containing more interesting news and community submitted content.

AGN is celebrating it's third trip around the sun and looks forward to more! Some interesting changes since the last edition of the biannual newsletter include the reboot of our Team Fortress 2 server and the AGNIM project has resumed! You'll also notice our website is served over HTTPS too, which increase security and confidentiality. Let's revise all the noteworthy things that's happened over the last 12 months:

♥ Our MineCraft server (formally named Aropolis) domain was dropped in favour of Also player activity has increased somewhat and some other changes made including the home/spawn command fee reduced by half, bugs fixed and new items that can be sold to the server!

♦ We have a new Community Manager, Dykath!

♣ We have an officially approved Discord channel!

â™  Our Team Fortress 2 server has been restored!

♦ The AGNIM project has resumed production and might be available for early beta testing sometime this year!

♥ Our website is now further secured with an officially authenticated SSL certificate and uses HTTPS, which encrypts web traffic to ensure safety, privacy and security!

In other news:

♦ We now have 29+ MC players enlisted!

♣ We have ~130 registered members with well over 18K posts!

â™  We're getting close to being able to update the forums and plans are being made for enhancing the website!

♦ And much more!

While activity has dwindled over the last 6 months or so we have built a loyal base of regulars who do their best to keep AGN alive, and an ultra-dedicated administrator doing their best to provide AGN for the future and maintaining everything to ensure our services are dependable and reliable. I'd like to thank Dykath for doing their best in promoting AGN and regularly posting too. Without these few dedicated members, AGN would've ceased long ago and no one would have the time and means for an alternative with any greater usage, features and reliability. AGN is still going and can only get better!

That's about it for this edition, the next one will be released this time next year and surely would have a lot more to talk about! Remember there's a lot more to find on our forums and keep up to date by visiting
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