Why join? [Updated 12th June 2017]

This is where you can find all rules and important or useful guides to AGN and our supported services.
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Why join? [Updated 12th June 2017]

Postby Doctor Azo » Fri Jul 22, 2016 7:01 am

  • Take part in our forum discussions and arrange matches/sessions with others!
  • Have access to our official game servers and other services, such as our MC and TF2 servers and the upcoming exclusive AGNIM!
  • Find and connect with other asexual/aromantic friendly gamers and make new gaming buddies!
  • You can join our Steam group!
  • And more!

Unlike many other gamer communities, we don't condone sexism, racism, harassment and bullying, etc and we encourage our groups to be newbie friendly!

Unlike AVEN, we boast more friendly and open-minded members, an honest and savvy administration, trust-worthy staff and can tolerate criticism!

Unlike many other forum communities, we don't have problems with trolls and spam!

We're not just for hard-core gamers and asexuals - we allow just about anyone who obeys our ToS/community rules and encourage our community to welcome casual gamers too regardless of orientation, identity, age, social background and even preferences!

As of 12th June 2017, not a single thread has been locked due to bad behaviour, after all we do have a fairer administration and a nicer community than most!

See what our members have to say about AGN:

8 members so far voted "Excellent" (5/8) or "Good" (3/8) in the administration ratings.

5 members so far voted "Excellent" (5/6) or "Good" (1/6) in the community ratings.


great active community and awesome site admin (no other admins at this time but sure they to will be great).

rarely ever down for long amounts of time for maintenance.

great game servers and open for more.

the forum threads are many and vary on topics.

the community is open and accepting of new members.
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