Privacy policy [Updated 25th May 2018]

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Privacy policy [Updated 25th May 2018]

Postby Doctor Azo » Sun Oct 25, 2015 5:51 am

By using AGN and our services, you agree to the rules and we reserve the rights to retain limited amount of information, such as your IP address, HTTP requests, Private Messages, chat logs, e-mail address, etc that you submit here. We promise to protect certain data from public or unauthorised use as best as we can and can delete some by request, however it's recommended you minimize and moderate the personal information you do send.

The following key elements we store or access are as follows:

  • Internet Protocol Addresses.
  • Web browser, user-agent, etc when browsing our website/forums. This usually also contains browser version, OS and some integrated browser technologies/plugins.
  • Cookies in the domain
  • Text messages including forum posts, Private Messages, user profile, chat messages, private account data such as e-mail addresses, etc.
  • Image data including forum post attachments, avatars, etc.
  • SteamID's (for Steam games such as Team Fortress 2), Steam public names, MineCraft public names/usernames and various other data such as player "equipment", GUID's and avatars.


AGN uses some cookies to improve browsing experience. This helps to keep our users logged in and so is recommended for all registered users.


We retain a log of activity on our hosted services, from which web pages accessed to game commands used. Some services also access official third-party services for authentication purposes or retrieval of global/shared info, such as as Steam names and player avatars. We do not and cannot access or store Steam or MineCraft/Mojang passwords or e-mail addresses or other private third-party data.

E-mail/IPA background checks

Often we do IP address lookups to check host names, ISP's and do spam/blacklist checks. These are especially done after suspicious activity. On rarer occasions we also look up e-mail addresses on blacklist databases, at least on suspicious accounts, which help stop spammers or other abusive users. These lookups are done anonymously/in private, in a way that the third-party blacklist services cannot directly link it to any accounts on AGN.

AVEN's referred accounts/manual verification

Accounts with a referral to an AVEN (Asexuality Visibility Education Network, from account may be used to do some background checks, and for high-profile accounts we may get in contact with said member to verify.

Your rights to data/deletion

You may request a limited amount of data we hold on you. This includes registered e-mail and IP addresses, web logs (good reason is required), etc. You may ask an admin to edit or remove any of your personal data, except logs. You may also request to have your account terminated, although some or all forum posts will be retained and again private logs cannot be removed.

For more info on what data you can request and how, check the following: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=735

Account purge policy

After 2 years since the day of registration, any account with no log in history will be deleted manually by the administration. Most account data will thus be removed, however logs will remain including any staff notes referring to the account.


This privacy policy will be amended in the future, if you have any suggestions or questions please let us know.
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