Community rules/ToS [Updated 3rd March 2017]

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Community rules/ToS [Updated 3rd March 2017]

Postby Doctor Azo » Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:58 am

Naturally we want AGN to be a safe, friendly and fun gaming community for as many as possible. To help ensure this, a number of rules have to be established here. The majority is common sense but some are more strict. Remember, by using our services, you agree to all of the rules, listed here and elsewhere.

The following are the general community and forum rules, not specific to any hosted game:

Hateful and provocative content and behaviour

  • As an aromantic and asexual friendly community, we will not tolerate attacks on any of our members and their orientations, identity, etc. (This includes sexuals and romantics.)
  • We will not tolerate hateful or bigoted people including supporters or preachers of hatred.
  • No harassing, bullying or stalking our members. We also will not allow harassment towards other people outside the community.
  • Posts, messages or threads that contain material that some may find upsetting, offensive, provocative, etc yet doesn't flout the rules should have a warning before it's likely to be seen. A warning in the thread title is a good way, for example.
  • Do not submit offensive material. This includes (but not limited to) excessive swearing, racism and other discrimination, sexually explicit, very violent or gory material, extremism (such as political extremism) or anything to promote hatred or encourage others to break the rules or laws of their area.
  • No highly controversial/flammable topics. This means no flammable religious or political debates, except in the Hall of Whispers forum.
  • We will not tolerate trolling or bullying. Even if you say you're just acting/pretending or you support/aid the trolls/bullies, you may get banned permanently. For clarification, "bullying" means unfair or unjust torment, abuse, harassment, etc to those deemed socially-inferior, weaker, etc to the bully.
  • Far-right supporters or members of far-right political parties or activists will not be tolerated. Far right-wing policies include strong preference in a strict social-hierarchy and injustice often accompanied with intolerance, hatred, bigotry, prejudice and elitism.

General content and behaviour

  • No spamming, including excessive posts or repeating the same post.
  • Give at least 15 minutes before posting again in the same thread, unless someone else already replies, it is your blog-type thread or you have another good reason. Unnecessary multi-posts will be merged. This rule takes affect on posts starting 14th August 2016.
  • No advertising unless it's a highly relevant/related online service and does not lead to highly offensive or illegal material or services. You can advertise your game server as long as it's legal and you don't claim that it's officially ran by or approved by AGN unless it is.
  • Hide questionable, sensitive, disturbing, etc material (that doesn't flout the rules) in spoilers with a "trigger warning". This includes gruesome images, partial nudity or pictures exploiting severe fears.
  • Stay on topic and refrain from using excessive nested quotes in conversations, especially with long posts. Also please do not quote very long/big posts, instead replace the irrelevant parts with a note that you have excluded it (such as "*Snip*" or "Excluded due to length").
  • No links to illegal, immoral or booby-trapped websites including malware, exploitive and (excessive) advert infested pages or pages that cause people's browsers to crash.
  • Respect other people's privacy.
  • Do not post very large gifs or other images or any content that causes web browsers to become very slow, freeze up or crash. Instead, link it with a warning and description.
  • AGN holds a sex-neutral stance, meaning officially we're neither pro-sex nor anti-sex but welcome anyone as long as they respect the rules. Anti-sexual rants as well as sex-favourable preaches may not be permitted, at least outside the HoW forum.
  • Behaviour/breaking rules while intoxicated or "under the influence" cannot be excused.
  • Do not fake admin/moderator edit notes, such as writing in red or green followed by a hyphen then staff name. This includes editing real ones.
  • Do not just post "Google it", "Look it on Google" or such. Not only is it demeaning more than helpful but also it ironically leads to people coming from a search result being told to use a search engine, which helps no one.


  • No impersonating other members, especially staff. Pretending to be a moderator, admin, etc can lead to a permanent ban.
  • Accounts are e-mail address verified AND admin-activated, so use a valid e-mail address that belongs to you and have patience while your profile gets checked and activated. Often it'll be within 12 hours but sometimes it may take over a day. If you get rejected you might be contacted and told why, but it's not certain. Don't keep retrying otherwise you might get blocked.
  • Don't share your account. Even if someone else uses your account, you are responsible for the actions performed and even if they break the rules it can't be excused.
  • Keep your password to yourself. Don't even give it to any of the staff. If someone does ask for your password, report them to an administrator.
  • Do not post the answers to the CAPTCHA questions. Use IM's or PM's to trusted individuals, away from public view.
  • The minimum age is 13. For those under the age of 18 years you need your parent/guardian permission. If it's discovered that you're under-age or don't have parental/guardian permission you will get banned until you are 18 or have written permission.
  • AGN now only accepts new registrations with a biography at registration. You must give a brief description about yourself. If it's too short or simple you may get rejected. You don't have to write your life story or include sensitive/very personal details, just enough info so the administration can decide to let you in or not.
  • If you claim to be someone from AVEN, the referred account might still get contacted for verification, particularly "admods". If such verification is required, you will have a maximum of 3 months to respond.
  • The biography must be in English and easy to understand. If it's very poorly written, your account WILL be rejected.
  • All accounts with no log-in history will be deleted after 2 years. This means if you create an account but never even log on, it'll be pruned once it reaches 2 years since registration. You're free to register again, however the more you recreate the less likely it'll be accepted.

Services and staff

  • The administration has the right to ban, promote, demote, reject, edit, etc any member for any reason, given or otherwise. We are not obliged to explain or undo actions.
  • The information, activity and other content you submit here is your responsibility. We'll take little or no responsibility to the content you hold and expose here. We also will not hold responsible for the damages caused by other members or incidents beyond our control.
  • We will submit all and any information legally required by the appropriate authorities in illegal acts performed or involved with any of our members. We will also contact authorities with evidence if we find acts of crime performed against or under our services. We also keep logs of all members activities.
  • No insulting or threatening our staff. If you want to criticise the management, complain in the correct forum with constructive feedback, not insultive or offensive. If you have an issue with one or more of the moderators or believe one or more to be corrupt (misuse/abuse their powers or authority) then contact the head admin/server owner (Doctor Azo).
  • No hacking, (D)DoS, excessive bandwidth consumption (more than that considered normal or fair usage) or in any way harming the service, the staff or ruining other's experience of AGN or any of our services. We also will not allow such attacks towards our member's services.
  • We reserve the rights to edit or remove any content you submit here, mute or ban any member and reject any pending accounts for any reason given or otherwise. Using the "freedom of speech violated" tactic will not work. Remember by using AGN you agree to these rules and formally rejecting the ToS can lead to a ban.

Some of the rules above might not result in a ban or even a warning, however some of the rules have heavy penalties or bans without warning.
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