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 Newcomer FAQ [Updated 25th October 2016] 
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Q: I don't play many games, can I still join?

A: Yes!

Q: I'm not asexual or aromantic, can I still join?

A: Yes!

Q: How do I join?

A: First, please ensure to use a valid e-mail that isn't a one as it may block our auto-generated e-mails, or a one as it has been blocked at registrations. For the biography, you should write a brief but detailed description of yourself. It doesn't need to be very long or personal, but the more you include the more likely your account will be accepted. It MUST be written in English that's easy to understand - the poorer it's written the less chances you'll have. If you claim to be someone from AVEN, the referred account might still be contacted for verification. Accounts are still e-mail AND admin activated.

Q: Got any tips on what to include in the bio?

A: Telling us how you found AGN, mentioning some preferences and what you'd like from AGN are some of best things to include. Also, be honest, not narcissistic. It's a private screening process, not a popularity contest. View this thread for more info: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=342

Remember to include more than one or two short sentences, otherwise your account is likely to get rejected! Putting down one word or nonsense will lead to deletion!

Q: I've received no confirmation e-mail.

A: Check your spam/junk box. Check your filter settings, allow noreply and admin at and ensure your e-mail provider isn't blocking You might need to use a different provider/domain/host. We recommend widely used ones such as gmail and hotmail.

Q: Have I been activated? I forgot, haven't received any messages about being activated yet or want to know what the delay is.

A: View this thread: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=290

Q: Why can't I send e-mail to AGN?

A: The server currently does not accept incoming e-mail.

Q: Are my account details safe?

A: Safe enough. Nothing online is completely immune, in theory. AGN is well protected and it wouldn't be easy (if practically possible) to gain any access. We'll try our best to maintain security and in the unlikely event the server gets compromised, we'll let you know ASAP. There are some things you need to ensure to help protect you and your account: You are responsible for making a good password and keeping it safe and secret. Don't submit any sensitive information, even via Private Messages, such as login details or that you're likely to regret. Don't trust anyone claiming to be a admin/moderator/etc without sufficient proof, especially if they ask for things like your password. Don't open links given by others unless you're sure it's safe. Use you brain and keep up-to-date with news and security information both here and elsewhere and keep your software up-to-date. Use a different password than your gaming accounts so if either one gets compromised, the others might be safe. If there is anything more you'd need to know or clarify, just ask.

Q: AGN seems to be lacking something, incomplete, buggy, etc. Will it improve?

A: AGN is new and there're plenty of things in planning. If you have a suggestion, let us know!

Q: Can I remove personal information that I posted from public view?

A: Yes. If you're unable to edit, ask an admin to do it for you.

Q: Can you delete my account?

A: If you're absolutely sure, ask an admin. Remember once done, it cannot be reversed. While we respect the Data Protection Act and your privacy, remember that we keep logs, in private, of your activity with our services and obviously we will not delete them by your request. After a certain period of time, archived logs will be deleted except ones with evidence of or links to criminal or malicious activity, in which case they will remain safely and securely stored. We however may not remove all of your posts without good reason. We also reserve the right to refuse deletion, which we will if we suspect you are under the influence or the request or confirmation was issued on the 1st of April.

As of 17th June 2016, all accounts that have never logged in will be deleted anyway after they reach 2 years.

Q: Will AGN run other game servers?

A: Possibly, but only with enough demand. The server needs to be legal and the ones running it must be experienced enough and be responsible members.

Q: Who made the forum banner/logo?

A: Our member kelico.

Q: Why do you edit/remove posts, ban, issues warnings or forbid certain topics? It violates freedom of speech!

A: No it doesn't. Remember using tactics like the "freedom of speech" will not get you unbanned or make us guilty and is in fact a scare-tactic we know trolls have a habit of using.

Q: Can you change my username?

A: Not without good reason and please make the request ASAP. If you have already been added to our services (such as our MC and TF2 server) your username can't be changed.

Q: Why is my account gone?

A: If you registered at least two years ago and never logged in, most likely it has been deleted. All 2+ year old accounts that's never been used will be purged. You're free to make another account, but the more you recreate accounts the more likely they'll be rejected.

Q: Since AGN is related to sexuality and orientation, is sex talk allowed? What is defined as "sexually explicit" in the rules?

A: Detailed talk of sex or sex acts is not allowed. Pornographic or detailed nudity images and videos are not allowed. This includes videos that display such content briefly. All questionable content must be put in a spoiler with a warning/caution. Threads with sensitive material should have a warning in the title such as "Trigger Warning/TW" or "Too Much Information/TMI". Discussions about sexual attraction, debates about sexuality or sexual themes in games for example and mentions of things like virginity is allowed. Graphic sex talk and porn is not. The most courteous approach is post it in the HoW forum, with a TMI warning in the title and put only the offending material in a spoiler headed with a warning and description of what it contains - that way people know what to expect and choose to proceed at their own leisure.

Q: What are your aims?

A: We aim to be a friendly, accepting and safe gaming community and trust people to set aside their differences and disagreements and come here for something we all want - we enjoy games and social bonds strengthen more between those playing. We aim to grow but not at the expense of functionality, safety, morals or community spirit. We value quality over quantity.

Q: How does AGN compare to AVEN?

A: It's better in many ways. The worse thing about AGN is it's a much smaller community, and as of 2016 sees on average only a few dozen posts a day rather than hundreds and has had only about 100 non-spambot registrations in two years since the start. It also lacks a few minor forum features however this can and is likely to change soon. The rest are less significant and more subjective. But our % of active members is higher than AVEN's and many other communities and our average posts-per-user is much higher. We boast a friendlier community which is (and by the rules) more open-minded and accepting than most-if-not-all of AVEN's cliques. We accept people who aren't that into games or aren't asexual, aromantic, rich, poor, bio-male, etc or are cis-gendered, that are generally less welcome on AVEN - as long as you keep to our rules you'll be fine. Our administration is also impartial - friends of the admins aren't immune to warnings and bans, nor are our staff. Talking about our staff, the admins and moderators are hand-picked by the administration for their trust, ability and willingness to help and experience or willingness to learn. If we make a mistake, we at least apologise - something AVEN's staff doesn't usually do even when they're clearly wrong. We're more open, honest and constantly thinking of ways to improve and asking our community - the fact that we get almost no suggestions and zero complaints (as of 19th July 2016) from our satisfied community. We may be small and all gamers, but that doesn't mean we're too cliquey and are in fact welcome to the idea of growing much more and establishing links to others alike, whether they're hardcore gamers or just like the occasional game. Hell, if you're just studying games and the gaming culture feel free to join and post away! Unlike AVEN our website is almost always running and fast, very functional and additions to the website or other services is very much possible without concerns of licencing or "too much load to bare for our overloaded server", as with the case of AVEN's poorly ran service. We feature game servers and an active and open tech admin too. Also unlike AVEN, we give no diplomatic immunity to offenders and look at conflict from all sides, with the right balance of mercy and justice.

In short we have: Fast and highly-reliable services, game servers, a flexible website with a lot of room to grow, a friendly and cosy community that is easy to keep up with, an active administration and tech admin, an allowance for (constructive) criticisms and even ratings for the community and staff, less isolating/alienating cliques and no-cult-of-personalities, smarter troll detection and zero troll tolerance, no spam, tolerance for some of those not welcome on AVEN, a leader who has more time to spare to improve AGN and willing to listen to requests and hand-picked mods and admins with more consistent principles.

Remember: AVEN is supposed to promote visibility and education revolving asexuality. They're not really for bridging people or communities, to socialise or even have fun - those are something some of the good members there piloted and try to maintain, it's not the concern of the administration. AGN on the other hand, is an asexual-friendly gaming (themed) community that does the latter. Our goal is to bring people together with a common interest regardless of their orientation or identity. Naturally cliques may form over time as we grow, but the administration will try it's best to bridge these together and ensure that neither groups nor individuals are alienated or pressured out, providing they respect our rules and community.

Community Rules | Newcomer FAQ | Our MC server FAQ | Our TF2 server FAQ
Need help with AGN? Check out the Tech forum.
Drop in suggestions or complaints in Suggestions forum.
Is it a private matter? PM me!
AGN's Twitter: @AceGamersNetwrk

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Fri Jun 27, 2014 8:32 pm
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