Want your creations to be displayed on our gallery?

Show off your Aropolis's MC creations here!
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Want your creations to be displayed on our gallery?

Postby Doctor Azo » Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:18 am

I have plans for adding a portal module page which'll display images from our game servers, starting with Aropolis. If you have a good screenshot to show off, now is a good time to get it published. :[B)]

The requirements are fairly simple:

  • The screenshots must be taken on Aropolis.
  • The screenshots need to be sufficient quality, so try maxing the graphics settings.
  • The screenshot content must show enough, so no close-ups of a wall for example.
  • Do not include offensive, obscene or private chat. It's advised that you hide the HUD while taking the screenshot.
  • Do not claim to have built anything that isn't yours. Do not submit screenshots taken inside other player's buildings without their permission, except public (non-owned) ones.

The screenshots will be picked based on the quality, subject and included/excluded content. We want decent images that show off our creations and ones that entice new players. :[;)] Post them here or send them via PM.

There is no time limit for this.
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Re: Want your creations to be displayed on our gallery?

Postby dykath » Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:32 am

oh looks like i'm going to need to start to take some actual screen shots of things.
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