What to expect in the 1.8 update

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What to expect in the 1.8 update

Postby Doctor Azo » Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:50 am

  • Server now uses UUID for authentication, meaning if you change your username afterwards you should be able to play as normal. If you have changed your name before the maintenance please report any issues, as I have had to manually update those usernames in various places. And other stuff.
  • Server supports client versions up to 1.8.9
  • New hostile mobs include: endermite and guardian.
  • New passive mob: rabbits. You may have to travel far to generate new terrain to find them however.
  • More mob variants such as husks.
  • New blocks, materials and entities include: diorite, andesite, granite, prismarine, red sandstone, new door and trap door materials/skins, sea lanterns, functional sponges, slime blocks, banners, armor stands and more.
  • An update to Java plus revamped engine means both the server and client is more efficient and performs better, with less glitchy chunks in rendering.
  • Skin layers and cape support, also player head decorations will now render more than the base layer.
  • The plugins "Essentials" has been replaced with "EssentialsX" which is almost the same. Some / commands and info via chat is a little different though. [Protection] signs are a darker blue but still work.
  • Permissions work a little differently and now you can no longer kill any mob inside the town region unless it's in a region you own. Spawn eggs will work only in your plot in protected areas too. Beds, chests, furnaces and spell books in other player's property in the town can't be used, even without protection signs. It's recommended to still use the signs though. You can't steal their livestock resources either.
  • Other plugins have been updated, so some things have changed so proceed with caution.
  • New terrain generator which includes ocean monuments and other structures will now provide more materials. You may need to travel far in order to generate these new terrains though.
  • Baby mobs can now be fed their feed to boost growth, e.g chicks can now be given those excess wheat seeds.
  • And of course more!

For more info check out this: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/1.8

Current issues:

  • Those who've changed their names before the update may find their [Protection] signs still contain their old name. Let me know if you can't correct them. If your protected storage is in your owned plot they're still safe.
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