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 MineCraft server FAQ [Updated 25th October 2016] 
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Q: What is the MC server?

A: AGN's MineCraft server hosts MC worlds shared amongst only our members. You can see the same world as others and able to build and break as well as interact. You also have a global chat feature amongst other basic features. Other features are added such as owned plots with grief protection and an economy system.

Q: Is it still active?

A: Yes. While most days see little or no player activity, the main reason people don't play often is because they don't see anyone on. You can help boost activity by playing longer anyway, stimulating the economy by trading with player shops, posting on our MC forums, organising teamwork sessions, etc.

Q: How do I join?

A: You need to have an account here and be white-listed for the MC server. I'll need your MC name so I can add you and set your permission group.

Q: Do I need to download/install any mods?

A: No. All plugins will be server-sided only.

Q: Do I need to register here first in order to play on the MC server?

A: Yes. You also need to have logged in at least once, which would be done in order to post or PM anyway.

Q: How do I become a op/assistant op?

A: You need to be a moderator or admin here. The admins will look out for members who may make suitable moderators and will know what to look out for to determine good candidates. After that, we'll reach out to the member and ask if they'll want to be elected and if they agree, they'll go through a probationary period to test and train their abilities. The main reason we don't elect democratically is because it more often leads to poor choices and bitter regrets or hostile competition. We want our staff to be picked for their skills, talents, reliability, etc and not from a popularity contest. However, we will demote staff by popular demand with sufficient reason(s).

Q: What does the MC server offer?

A: A hub world with portals to the different worlds, a town world for members to buy plots and build on, a wild free-build world with PvP, economy and more!

Q: How do I connect?

A: Using MC 1.7.5, click on "Multiplayer" in the start up screen, add a new server called "AGN MC" or whatever and add "" to the address. You can now join if you've been white-listed.

Q: Where is the server located?

A: The server is hosted in New Jersey, USA.

Q: How many players would the server support at once?

A: In theory it should be able to support up to 150 players online, maybe a little more. However the MC server is currently configured to use only half of the system RAM, which'll drop that maximum to 80. It's unlikely we'll ever see that many logged in at once and so the cap will be at first set to 20 - 50 players. This limit will be increased if and when needed, but it's unlikely we'll see more than 10 logged in at once any time soon.

Q: My (nether) portals don't work! Why?

A: Player-made portals do not work. I do intend in getting them to work but an issue involving the plugins lead to having little choice but to make an official portal in the Hub to a Nether.

Q: What was Aropolis?

A: Our MineCraft server was originally named Aropolis, but this was dropped in October 2016 along with its domain name and is now just "MC server" or

Q: Why the name "aropolis"?

A: Originally Aropolis was intended as a stand-alone website community. The name struck me when reading a post on Aroplane by Musette. Rather than acropolis, I made up Aropolis, combining "aro" from Aroplane and "polis" meaning city. Despite originally being for Aroplane, it is now for AGN.

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