Beginner's guide: How to add our MC server (PC) [Updated 18th August 2017]

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Beginner's guide: How to add our MC server (PC) [Updated 18th August 2017]

Postby Doctor Azo » Sun Jul 30, 2017 4:04 pm

Update: Now we support 1.8 - 1.8.9 you'll need to set your profile to use 1.8 and above instead.

So you've got a MC account, downloaded it, installed it and maybe even played around with it but this is the first multiplayer server of an older version you're joining? After you've been enlisted, open the MC launcher....

1. Then we need to get and set the maximum version supported. Click "Launch options" and then "+ Add new" if you haven't already:


2. Enter a name for the settings package, select "1.8.9" for Version then click "Save":


3. On the main screen again, select the arrow on the right and pick your new package. It may need to download first so give it a while. In my case I called it "1.8.9":


4. After hitting "Play" you should eventually end up with the following. To add our server to your favs click "Multiplayer":


5. Click "Add server":


6. Enter a name for the option such as "AGN's MC server", then the Server Address "" and then hit "Done":


7. You should now see the MC server listed, now click on it to select and then "Join Server":


8. After enough content loads, you should end up with a screen like below, in the "Hub World" full of portals and signs with some tips and directions:


Remember even if you lose everything on your computer or have to reinstall you may only have to re-add the version settings and server, so your character's possessions, location, state, etc is preserved on our server. You'll only lose your own single player worlds, screenshots, most settings, etc if you don't back them up. Also your character/avatar skin is saved via Mojang's official cloud service but remember it'll be the same wherever you play so if it's inappropriate make sure you change it before entering!
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