Medals Description Recipients


Referred at least one member to AGN. Doctor Azo, dykath, HowlOwl, kelico, knout, Murielle, Starry Sky
AGN's MC player
White-listed for our MineCraft server. (Cu)rly, Akui, Amethyst Citrine, artemis_ephesus, BreeZaps, bythetracks, Cybrwulf, Doctor Azo, Dygos, dykath, Gentleman Space, girlonfire, GORager99, iDunno, Jax, Molz6659, pyroshadow, rabidrabbits, ravenpie52, RB Louise, RedNeko, Sci, Seevee, sennkestra, sharks101x, Shore, stormycee, TheAragorn, TheBeatlesPkmnFan42, TygrexGAME, VencirGan
Nothing personal boss!
Dominated the head administrator on our Team Fortress 2 server. dykath
AGN's TF2 player
White-listed for our Team Fortress 2 server. Custos, Doctor Azo, dykath, knout, ProjectMioav, RB Louise, Starry Sky, VencirGan
First year AGNer
Registered within AGN's first year. <Tom>, (A) rrogant Avian, bythetracks, ChaoticPrecision, clairne, Cygnus2122, Doctor Azo, Dygos, FaustVIII, Gentleman Space, girlonfire, Gradient, herenya, HowlOwl, Jameseh, kelico, Lacey, lifefiberz, Maskerade, Molz6659, Murielle, Nevyn, PastriesAreMagic, pyroshadow, rabidrabbits, radicalonion, Sci, Shore, Sparkle_Fists, Tacoline, Teagan, thatonederpface, TheAragorn, TheBeatlesPkmnFan42, TheWalkingGadge, zingermc, ZoranVesper
Own a 30 x 30 or larger town plot on our MC server. ravenpie52
Tough as nails
Have over 100 kills and died no more than half as much on our TF2 server. Medal Not Issued
Have a post count of 1000 or more. clairne, Doctor Azo, dykath, kelico, Starry Sky
HoW access
Given to all with access to our Hall of Whispers forum. (A) rrogant Avian, artemis_ephesus, AwesomeAce, bloody_crisis, BreeZaps, bythetracks, Cement, ChaoticPrecision, clairne, crazitaco, Custos, Cybrwulf, Cygnus2122, dcbilliot, Doctor Azo, Drolemag, Dygos, dykath, Elaethuaine, FaustVIII, garyagain, Gentleman Space, girlonfire, HowlOwl, iDunno, Jam, Jax, Jensen47, knout, Lacey, Maskerade, maximoboyd70, MistySpring, Molz6659, Murielle, PandorasFox, Panicatthedeathclaw, pengivenink, PJammaGod, rabidrabbits, radicalonion, ravenpie52, RB Louise, RedNeko, Revo, Rhavia, Robin, Sci, Seevee, sennkestra, Shore, SpaceShark, Sparkle_Fists, stormycee, Tacoline, TheBeatlesPkmnFan42, TheWalkingGadge, Velker, Winter Rose, zingermc, ZoranVesper
Reached level 10 on our Discord channel according to the MEE6 bot. Doctor Azo


Bug finder
Found a bug or major mistake and alerted the administration before they found it. dykath
AGN Artist
Awarded for contributing artwork for AGN. kelico